That Damn 1 Hour Workshop

Have you seen a decline in participation your one-hour long trainings? Have you come up with better trainings, or trainings focused more on pedagogy, and still don’t get the kind of attendance you know you could have? Well, we struggle with getting good attendance.

This presentation will look at some other options for faculty training that have worked for us and others.

Qualities that make these trainings different:

  • They are longer in duration and are more interactive than a traditional show and tell training.
  • Often, they also have faculty creating work that then provides a resource for other faculty.
  • They are fun. Sometimes.


Your Faculty Sites
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Best Part of Building Bridges Conference
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We are working hard in Bothell to expand our offerings for faculty. From getting out of our offices and visiting faculty in their offices, to revamping our types of trainings and updating our web presence, we are trying to offer a better service to faculty.

See, look at how hard we are working!